High potentials
Executive leaders


Guide a high potential employee towards his/her new hierarchical achievement
Bring simple and effective communication skills to an executive who is regularly exposed both internally and externally
Make an expert employee’s message available to a wider audience (Annual General Meeting, product launches, television, etc.)



Our objective? Enable your executives to master their written and oral communications, no matter the circumstances, safeguarding their public appearances by mastering the right skills, and by acquiring the necessary leadership and ease. We will guide them, making sure they develop the right knowledge and tools to be convincing.

To achieve this objective, we have created a method, which makes everything become clear and simple, when practical exercises (80%) reign over the theory (20%). The method is gradual and adaptive. Throughout this training, each module reinforces the next and is based on a know-how that leaves nothing to chance.


• Settle into the 4 fundamental tools of effective communication
• Enhance your style, image and voice
• Build messages that are easy to remember and repeat
• Increase your impact and leadership
• Express yourself more effectively during a presentation in English
• Learn how to communicate in a hostile environment


Debate Training : Assimilate attacks and countermeasures when facing a difficult audience (media, unions, etc.)
Dynamic English : Increase your levels of fluency and impact when speaking in English
Corporate stylist : One of our expert corporate stylists will audit your style, then offer a variety of possible choices appropriate to your figure and professional environment. This work can be extended to a private shopping session to enhance your wardrobe
Mental preparation : When facing difficulty in exceptional situations, our expert mental preparators (coaches, top athletes, elite police force) bring you skills to safeguard your strategic presentations

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